Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Most of us think of health as the absence of illness or disease. True health is when the body, mind, & senses work in harmony. In order to achieve this harmony, we must make the right choices. Join us as we discuss the basic understanding of making healthy choices.
Vata skin is often thin, dry, and susceptible to premature wrinkling. The right diet can do wonders to protect and nourish your sensitive skin during the change of seasons.
No one likes stinky breath and yellow teeth, take care of your pearly whites the Ayurvedic way. Here are some simple tips that ensure all round dental and oral hygiene.
Massage is one of the most popular spa treatments offered around the world today. When it comes to reducing stress, spending 50 minutes on a massage table is the perfect ticket to instant gratification.
We all have questions concerning our well being. Join us as we help you make the positive changes to get back to your Ayurvedic body type in order to regain a healthy balance, by answering your frequently asked questions.
The Ayurvedic diet is widely used in India, where an estimated 80 percent of people follow it or have at one time. It is considered a holistic form of medicine, based upon eating foods that are appropriate to your particular Prakriti (constitution). Read On

Aromatherapy 101

The benefits of aromatic essential oils have been known for centuries. Physicians and healers on all continents have used aromatic herbs and oils since the beginning of recorded history. Join us as we discuss the benefits of aromatherapy.
There are many routes to take if losing weight is your goal. While it may not intuitively seem like the most obvious choice for losing weight, acupuncture can successfully lead to natural and effective long-term weight loss.