Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Ozone therapy works by reducing levels of prostaglandins—compounds in the body that trigger inflammation and pain.
While feeling nervous is natural, anxiety disorders can make it difficult for one to carry on with seemingly regular tasks.
If you've been only relying on pills to get rid of your arthritis pain, it’s time to change the plan. Here's how physical therapy can help you.
Channel the negativities into a constructed pattern of optimism with the help of cognitive therapy to fight depression naturally and improve your mental health.
Improved oxygen supply can widen blood vessels allowing better blood flow which can help decrease the intensity of migraines.
Whether it's the chanting of mantras or the use of Tibetan gongs, the aim of sound therapy is to move a person from a stage of imbalance to a state of balance.
By removing the physical blockages in your pelvis and improving blood circulation, physical therapy can ease a number of your health woes.
You may worry that your babe is not yet old enough for spinal manipulation or that the chiropractor may handle your infant with too much force. Although these are legitimate concerns, growing medical research suggests that chiropractic care may have multiple health benefits—even for very young babies.
While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, research suggests that yoga and meditation can help improve symptoms and even play an important role in its prevention.
Combining your yoga routine with a herbal blend can multiply its health benefits. Here are four combinations that are guaranteed hits.