Complementary & Alternative Medicine

While opinions still remain divided on whether women should be practicing yoga during their period, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind.
While constipation is a common problem, it can lead to severe health complications in children and may cause encopresis.
If you are a beginner trying to get some ‘Om’ in your life, here are four potent styles to get you started.
A kapha dosha imbalance can cause congestion, swelling, weight gain, lethargy, depression and breathing difficulties. Read on to know how you can treat it.
A pitta dosha imbalance can cause inflammation of the joints, tissues, organs, liver problems and also impair digestion. Read on to know how you can treat it.
An increase in vata dosha can cause stiffness of joints, low back and spinal pain, sciatica, nervousness and constipation. Read on to know more.
Breathing exercises break the obsessive pattern of thinking, something that's common during panic attacks. Yogi Cameron teaches you how to master breath control.
Soaking in water not only rejuvenates the mind, it also improves blood circulation, which can help your body in many ways.
We all know that pain while peeing is an early indication of a urinary tract infection, but did you know that it could also be a symptom of an STD?
By alleviating stress, strengthening immune system and correcting energy blocks, acupressure can benefit both seasonal allergies as well as chronic asthma.