Sound therapy has been practiced as a healing tool for thousands of years. Whether it’s the chanting of mantras or the use of Tibetan gongs, the aim of sound therapy is to move a person from a stage of imbalance to a state of balance.

How Does Sound Healing Work?
Dr Evelet Sequeira, sound healer and founder of Rainbow Wholistic Living LLP, says, ” Sound healing can be defined as Frequency + Intention = Healing. Sound therapy operates on the concept that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. ”

“Each sound has a unique frequency and each frequency corresponds to a particular emotion or a specific organ. When the frequency coupled with intention is used for transformation, healing takes place. Everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency,” she adds

How Is Sound Healing Performed?
“Usually, a practitioner uses their voice or chants (mantras) to bring about cellular transformation in the body,” says Dr Sequeira. Sound healing also makes use of crystal bowls, tuning forks, and Solfeggio scales music frequencies, which are used in meditation music.  Here’s how they help.

  • Tibetan sound bowls have a profound effect on the cellular structure of the human body. The use of basic healing set of bowls can bring brainwave relaxation.
  • The chakra set is used to align the energy of the chakras and bring about the healing of specific ailments in the body.
  • The Energy Meriy Meridian Bowl is a large bowl in which the client stands to get a complete sound bath. Deep-seated emotions are released as the sound traverses the nadis (points in the body where emotions are rooted) and releases these blocks.

Sound therapy can provide results for a variety of issues including:

Places You Can Visit To Receive Sound Therapy

1) San Francisco, California
Global Institute Of Sound & Consciousness

2) Ascutney, Vermont
The Center Of Light Institute Of Sound Healing And Shamanic Studies

3) Miami, Florida
Bagua Center

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