Crystal Healing For Stress Relief: How Does Crystal Healing Work

Some would claim that the healing powers of crystals can be held within the palm of your hand. The metaphysical capabilities of stones were no secret to most ancient cultures like the Mayans, Egyptians, and Sumerians who used these crystals to help cleanse and transform their spirit, energy, and physical health. But in today’s society, we have forgotten the ways of the spiritual world and have applied our focus on more tangible aspirations.

From Amethyst to Quartz to Sunstone, each crystal has its own purpose and can benefit even the most stubborn skeptic. While some medical doctors and scientists may say crystal healing has no healing capabilities, referring to it as a pseudoscience, quantum physics science is now suggesting that crystals can indeed be beneficial.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

It is a known fact that all humans are empathetic to a certain extent. We energetically pick up on things from the people we interact with and the interactions and situations we experience every day. Have you ever had that eerie feeling you get when you’re around someone negative? It can rub off on you, affecting your mood in a negative manner.

Now imagine if you’re around something that has the opposite effect; imagine you’re around something that is positive and non-judgmental, something that can bring life and color into your life. Doesn’t it make sense that this positive energy would be able to rub off on you and make you feel better? We bond and become accustomed to the energies around us, so if the energy is clear, high and positive, we are going to naturally feel that way.

Scientifically speaking, we’re made of trillions of cells receiving and transmitting energy. One of the first studies of scientific evidence relating to the powers of crystals is the work conducted by Marcel Vogel. While observing the growth of crystals under a microscope, he noticed their shape took the form of whatever he was thinking about.

He also tested the metaphysical power of the quartz crystal and proved that rocks can store thoughts just like tapes use magnetic energy to record sound.

Even the great Albert Einstein himself said that everything in life has vibrations, and just like sound waves, your thoughts will mimic the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life. If you believe crystals have healing potential, the positive vibrations of the stones will intensify those thoughts.

How to Use Healing Crystals?

One of the most overlooked aspects of using crystals is setting an intention. An intention is a thought, and our thoughts create vibrations throughout the universe. Setting an intention is an essential tool for achieving the things we want in life. Think of intentions as magnets, they have the ability to attract whatever you want to come true, but you need an intention to make this possible.

As stated earlier, crystals have the ability to heal, but you have to give it a purpose. When you set your intention and program your crystal, the benefits of using crystals become limitless.

Programming your crystal is easy; the first thing you need to do is cleanse your crystal. You can cleanse your crystal with different methods, including the following:

  • Submerge your crystal in the smoke of a burning sage stick.
  • Place your crystal under the moon or sunlight for more than 4 hours.
  • Bury your crystal in the earth and allow the earth’s energy to recharge your stone.
  • Place your crystal on top of a selenite crystal or a clear quartz to cleanse any stuck energy.

Next, hold the crystal in your hand and begin to clear your mind. Ask your crystal to hold the intention of whatever you desire and say thank you afterward. By saying thank you, you will emphasize that what you’re asking for already exists in the universe.

What Crystals Are Good for Stress Relief?

If you are new to utilizing crystals, start with these 5 powerful stones to help cleanse your environment and promote more positive ways of thinking.

Clear Quartz

Crystal Healing For Stress Relief: How Does Crystal Healing Work

One of the more popular stones for beginners, clear quartz has the ability to amplify your intentions. It’s known as the stone of clarity and raises the energy level of any crystals it comes in contact with.


Crystal Healing For Stress Relief: How Does Crystal Healing Work

Hence the name, Angelite has the ability to connect you with your angels to protect you. It also helps relieve stress, tension, and anger, while enhancing the feeling of forgiveness and promoting healing.


Crystal Healing For Stress Relief: How Does Crystal Healing Work

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, it also encourages strength, peace, and spiritual growth. Amethyst has the ability to attract positive energy while expelling negative energy.


Crystal Healing For Stress Relief: How Does Crystal Healing Work

This beautiful, delicately pink stone is a heart-based crystal that has the ability to bring the energy of love into your life. It can also alleviate stress, anxiety, and can prevent sleeping disorders like insomnia.

Quick FAQ

How does crystal healing work?

If you want to experience the healing capabilities of crystals, there must first be an intention. An intention is a thought or purpose you want your stone to achieve. Stones have the ability to store thoughts just like like tapes use magnetic energy to record sound. Once a stone has a purpose, whatever your desires are will transmit to the universe.

Which healing crystal is right for me?

There are plenty of crystals you could use; the only way to find which one is right for you is to do your own research. Look up the different kinds of stones and whichever one resonates with you the most is the right healing crystal for you.

What is crystal healing used for?

Crystal healing is used to help cleanse and transform your spirit, energy, and physical health. When worn as jewelry or placed under your pillow, it can ward off sickness, expel negative energy and absorb positive energy.

What is crystal healing therapy?

Crystal healing therapy is a therapy where stones are placed over your body, especially on your chakra points that can help cleanse your body and promote good energy.

How to perform crystal healing?

Crystal healing is quite simple; pick a stone of your choice, and properly cleanse your stone. Once that is done, give it a purpose by programming it or setting an intention, and watch as the things you want in life manifest through your stone.


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