While you might be all ready to work on your tan on the beach or lounge in your backyard this summer, you definitely need to be wary of sunburn, heat rash and, most importantly, dehydration.

In one of the latest episodes of What Happens Next?, host Dr Keller Wortham highlights the importance of water for our survival while also explaining the various causes of dehydration and how you can treat it naturally.

Why Is Hydration So Important?
Water is crucial for the survival and proper functioning of our body’s various systems and is required both for organ functioning and digestion. It also acts as a soluble medium for the various nutrients that need to be delivered throughout the body. From controlling your blood pressure and lubricating your joints to keeping your skin moist and supple, water is essential for a number of bodily functions.

Heat-related dehydration is a big problem during summer. With outside temperatures soaring high, your body temperature also rises and, in order to cool the body, you sweat profusely. However, this loss of water is also accompanied by loss of essential minerals and salts. Dehydration can result in weakness, dizziness, palpitations and confusion. Severe dehydration can also lead to death.

And while most of us think dehydration is a summer issue, it’s just as easy to become dehydrated in winter, too. This may be even more dangerous as few people are able to spot the signs of dehydration during winter.

Tips To Keep Your Body Hydrated

  • Drink sufficient water. Some experts suggest drinking six to eight glasses of water every day. But remember fluid requirement varies from person to person and depends on factors such as height, weight, physical activity and the type of region you live in.
  • Eat hydrating fruits and vegetables. These not only provide natural sugars to your body, but also keep you hydrated.
  • Limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol as they are known diuretics.
  • Avoid spicy foods, as they can make your body loose water by increasing your internal body temperature.

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