Diseases & Conditions

Researchers say that eating chocolates and a diet rich in tomatoes, fish and sweet potatoes can help boost your sperm count.
A new study suggests that people with tinnitus may benefit from a treatment that sends electromagnetic pulses into the brain.
By testing the effects of lithium chloride on cartilages or connecting tissues, a team of scientists has found that it slowed the degradation associated with osteoarthritis.
Is your depression making it hard to deal with menopause? A new study says that it actually may be affecting you in unknown ways.
A non-invasive test that detects electrical activity in the brain may be used to spot people who are at the risk of Alzherimer's, say researchers.
A new drug shows potential to cure malaria in a single dose, says a new study.
A new smartphone app could help heart attack patients recover faster and cope better.
Male menopause, or andropause, often goes undetected in men, especially because they miss the early signs.
A flowering herb known for its healing properties, skullcap helps ease skin irritation and reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis.
A diet that starves cancer cells of an essential nutrient may help improve outcomes of difficult to treat type of breast cancer, says a study.