Davana Oil | Keep your Spirits Lifted and Relax Your Mind

Davana essential oil is one of the oldest known medicinal oils. From regulating blood pressure to improving your mood, davana oil has slowly become a natural go-to remedy in most households, today.

What Is Davana Oil?

Botanically known as Artemisia pallens, davana flowers have been widely used for a long time due to their medicinal properties. The plant and its flowers are native to the southern part of India and have been used for various religious offerings.

Davana essential oil is extracted through a steam distillation process from the flowers of the plant. The extracted oil is yellow-brown in color and has a characteristic fruity odor that distinguishes this oil from others.

Uses of Davana Oil

There are many uses of davana essential oil:

  • Widely used in aromatherapy to cure various health conditions
  • Broadly used in natural perfumery for research and applications
  • Acts as a strong insect repellent, keeping disease-carrying insects away
  • Helps reduce blood pressure

The ketone group of compounds present in the davana essential oil is the major contributors to the health benefits. Among them, davanone is the most dominant ketone responsible for the rich aroma and exceptionally high medicinal properties.

Benefits of Davana Oil

The health benefits of davana oil are the following:

1. Kills potential viruses

A weak immune system is the first target for viral infections to invade. However, davana essential oil is quite an effective remedy against such viruses.

The essential oil damages the outer protective covering of the virus and kills it instantly — no longer causing an infection!

2. Prevents septic formation

Day-to-day cuts in the body is a common phenomenon that occurs. Often, the wound may be a bit deep and might lead to septic conditions.

Davana essential oil works like magic on wounds and helps prevent the formation of septic infections. This will prevent the occurrence of tetanus and other associated infections.

3. Bio-burden reduction

Davana essential oil is effective against all the microbes present at any given area. Hence, using this oil as a fumigant can work to sterilize an area and ward of all the infections being carried by the microbes present.

4. Helps regularize menstruation

Irregular menstrual periods have become a common problem of the modern-day world. However, davana essential oil is known to cure irregular periods and help reduce menstrual spasms.

Irregular menstruation cycles, when left untreated, can cause menstrual spasms in the body that often leaves the individual in a lot of pain. Davana essential oil is a wonderful healer of excruciating pain.

5. Clears chest congestion

Colds and coughs often lead to a complete blockage of respiratory passages with phlegm deposits. At this stage, breathing becomes tough.

Davana essential oil clears those passages and liquefies the phlegm deposits, eventually removing it from the body.

6. Relaxing massage oil

We all know that being able to maintain regular sleeping patterns and sleeping well through the night is the secret to all good health. Davana essential oil is also known as a stress reliever.

A slow massage with this oil can help release the body from stress and anxiety and also relax the brain and the nervous system to promote a good night sleep.

7. Improves skin health

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of davana essential oil make it a great natural remedy to soothe damaged skin.

The oil is an excellent medicine to improve the overall skin health as it is highly effective against acne, eczema and blackhead formations.

8. Restores emotional balance

Due to its rich aroma with a potent fruity fragrance, davana essential oil is known to lift the emotional balance. The aroma often arouses internal feelings, restoring the emotional balance and bringing your smile back in no time.

Side Effects of Davana Oil

All good things in the world also possess a few drawbacks, and therefore, there are precautions that one must take before using this oil.

Some of the side effects of davana oil include the following:

  1. Pregnant women must avoid the use of this essential oil as it might cause some irritations for the mother and the baby.
  2. A patch test can reveal allergies among some individuals.

Due to its intense aroma, davana oil should only be used in trace quantities and it should never be consumed or used for internal applications.

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