Fir Needle Oil | Boost Immune Function and Fight Infections

The powerful effects of various essential oils have made these natural remedies a must-have item in your medicine cabinet. Essential oils such as fir needle oil can serve as an immediate treatment for many ailments and it comes with beneficial health advantages when taken in the right doses.

What Is Fir Needle Oil?

Fir needle trees are popularly used as Christmas trees and belong to the pine family. Historically, the resin and wood of fir trees have been used for wound healing and aromatic purposes.

Today, the essential oil derived from fir needles is also widely known for its medicinal value. The chief ingredients of fir needle oil include myrcene, borneol, tricyclene, limonene, a-pinene and acetate.

Fir needle essential oil is extracted from fir needles through the process of steam distillation.

Uses of Fir Needle Oil

Fir needle oil blends well with other essential oils such as lavender, fenugreek, cedarwood, rosemary, bergamot, cinnamon and fennel seed.

Fir needle oil is used in the following ways:

  • In aromatherapy
  • In deodorants
  • In vapor rubs and pain balms
  • In antiseptic creams
  • In moisturizing lotions and creams

Benefits of Fir Needle Oil

The health benefits of fir needle oil can be attributed to its analgesic, antibacterial, digestive, stimulant and detoxifying properties.

Some of the significant health benefits include:

1. Alleviates respiratory infections

Fir needle oil contains anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that help alleviate respiratory infections.

When inhaled, fir needle oil helps loosen the phlegm and mucus from respiratory passages so that they can be expelled out easily. It also reduces inflammation that affects bronchial tubes.

2. Relieve muscle pain

Fir needle oil helps to relax muscles and reduce pain by removing toxins that are responsible for pain. It also stimulates the body to increase blood flow to muscles and calm the nerve supply to muscles.

Massaging fir needle oil on the affected area helps provide immediate pain relief.

3. Prevents body odor

Sweat on the body interacts with bacteria and breaks down into a waste material that causes body odor. Fir needle oil is an effective remedy against body odor as it has a pleasant aroma.

The oil helps reduce the bacteria that is responsible for the bad odor and as a result, their metabolic products are also reduced, thereby minimizing the bad odor.

4. Prevents infections

Fir needle oil contains antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria and other pathogens that attack the body to prevent the spread of infections in the body.

Fir needle oil also promotes wound healing and prevents it from getting septic with secondary infections.

5. Promotes bone health

Fir needle essential oil supports bone repair and quickens the healing process. It helps increase bone mass and is an effective remedy in the case of bone fractures.

The oil can be applied topically along with carrier oil to promote healthy bones.

6. Detoxifies the body

Fir needle oil contains organic compounds that act as stimulants and flush out toxins from the body. This essential oil has diuretic and laxative properties that keep solid and liquid waste moving out in a proper manner.

Additionally, fir needle oil eliminates toxins by increasing perspiration.

7. Prevents cancer

Cancer spreads to other parts of the body through a process called metastasis. Fir needle oil triggers an increase in cellular glutathione level, which causes the death of cancer cells.

Furthermore, it also inhibits the metastasis of cancer cells. Due to this property, fir needle oil is widely used in many cancer treatment options.

8. Boosts immunity

A healthy immune system helps the body fight against foreign pathogens and infections. Over time, the body’s immune system loses the energy to cope with the defense mechanism.

Fir needle oil is rich in phytochemicals and organic compounds that stimulate the efficiency and action of immune cells, thus boosting the immune system.

Side Effects of Fir Needle Oil

Fir needle oil has no reported side effects and is considered safe for most people.

  1. Those suffering from whooping cough and asthma are advised not to use fir needle oil as it may aggravate the condition.
  2. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advised to refrain from fir needle oil.
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