5 Herbs To Recover From An Adrenal Burnout

Groceries, screaming babies, traffic, and five cups of coffee, seemingly endless meetings, evil bosses, and more cups of coffee…. If this sounds like your life, then chances are you’re burning out your adrenal glands with all this resulting stress.

Adrenal glands sit above our kidneys and regulate hormonal responses throughout the body. Extreme exhaustion can result in continuous fatigue, depression, irritability and anxiousness.

Environmental chemicals and toxins like pesticides, BPA and toluene can also interfere with the function of adrenal glands and result in various serious health issues.

However, beyond simply avoiding stress, one can incorporate these five herbs that help the adrenal glands revive and rejuvenate.


Popularly known as Indian ginseng, ashwagandha contains withanolides, phytosterols, and alkaloids that can energize underactive adrenals and improve endocrine, nervous and immune functions.


A tonic for the immune system, astragalus is rich in flavonoids, saponins, triterpenoids and Gaba-aminobutyric acid. These natural substances regulate the production of hormones and improve adrenal health.


The active component of ginseng—eleutherosides—increases mental awareness and boosts energy levels by revitalizing the adrenal glands. An adaptogenic herb, ginseng can be enjoyed as a tea.


A true friend of the adrenal cortex, licorice possesses adrenocorticoid-like properties that boost cortisol levels in the body. The triterpenoid saponins present in this herb influence the cortisone-cortisol balance and help the body process stress effectively.


An ideal herb to enhance both physical and mental resistance to stress, Rhodiola enhances adrenal function by improving secretion of noradrenaline and dopamine, allowing the body to deal with stress in a better way.