Important Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Thyroid Glands

Your thyroid gland can indicate a lot about your health. Not only does your thyroid regulate metabolism, but it also regulates body temperature and your heartbeat, therefore it is important to make sure you’re doing your best in order to keep it as healthy as you can.

Thyroid disorders are very common among individuals today and factors such as your diet and the amount of stress you endure can all play a role in your thyroid function.

The two types of thyroid issues to watch out for include:

Hyperthyroidism due to an overactive thyroid: Can lead to excessive weight loss, anxiety and a fast heartbeat.

Hypothyroidism due to an underactive thyroid: Can lead to constipation, weight gain and fatigue.

Tips to Take Care of Your Thyroid Glands

The first thing to do if you feel like you might have an issue with your thyroid is to contact your doctor and schedule a thyroid test. However, there are various other lifestyle tips to keep in mind in order to prevent any issues from occurring in the future.

1. Get your iodine

Iodine is an extremely important nutrient for your thyroid gland. A lack of iodine causes your thyroid to go out of whack and impairs the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the many functions of other organs.

Make sure to consume foods rich in iodine such as seaweed and seafood to avoid having an iodine deficiency that can affect your health in the long run.

2. Try to avoid these toxins from the environment

You might not know this, but your carpet might have chemicals that can affect your thyroid. When you’re out shopping for items, try to look out for harmful chemicals and toxins that can affect your health, especially if you are pregnant.

Certain changes you can make include using regular, fragrance-free soaps, choosing fresh over canned foods and making sure your house is well-ventilated.

3. Eat soy sparingly

Soy is known to block the absorption of iodine, which can impair thyroid hormone production. If you love soy and have been eating it in your meals lately, it might be time to get your iodine levels tested just to be on the safe side.

While we’re not saying to completely avoid soy, just make sure you’re enjoying it more sparingly and not every day.

4. Increase your antioxidants

Antioxidants are extremely important to fight free radicals and prevent the onset of various conditions. Foods such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are filled with antioxidants and there are tons of teas that are known to boost antioxidants as well.

Antioxidants are also helpful in strengthening your immune systems and maintaining the health of your thyroid gland.

5. Watch your diet

Make sure to stay away from all processed and sugary foods and drinks as they are doing nothing for your health except causing you harm. Not only do these foods and drinks aggravate your inflammation, but they can also affect your thyroid gland in a negative way.

Stick to healthy, clean eating most of the time and if you have been good with your exercise and diet, it’s OK to enjoy a cheat day once in a while.

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