Juniper Berry Oil | Improve Blood Circulation and Combat Joint Pain

As more and more individuals flock to natural remedies to heal their conditions, essential oils have become a popular component in the medicine cabinet today. Essential oils such as Juniper Berry oil are an excellent remedy to prevent joint pain and increase circulation.

What Is Juniper Berry Oil?

Juniper is an evergreen shrub that grows in Europe. Juniper berry oil is extracted from dried or fresh berries and needles of a specific plant species, i.e., Juniperus communis, through the steam distillation process.

The oil has its origin in Bulgaria and has its long history in being a natural remedy for the prevention of long-term and short-term illnesses. Juniper berry oil extract acts as an excellent immune system booster and is a strong detoxifying agent.

Uses of Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper berry oil blends well with other essential oils like lavender, rosemary, bergamot, clary sage, lemongrass and frankincense.

Juniper berry oil is useful in the following ways:

  • In vapor rubs
  • In aromatherapy
  • As a massage oil
  • In creams and lotions

Benefits of Juniper Berry Oil

The health benefits provided by juniper essential oil extract is based on its various properties that include sudorific, antiseptic, antispasmodic, stomachic, stimulating, antirheumatic, astringent, diuretic, carminative, vulnerary and a tonic type of substance.

Listed are a few benefits of the oil extract:

1. Prevents sepsis

Juniper essential oil acts as an antiseptic agent that heals injuries naturally and prevents wounds from getting septic or developing tetanus. It is useful in cases of injuries sustained by newborn babies and for pregnant women at the time of painful labor.

2. Increases volume and frequency of urine

Juniper berry oil comes with diuretic properties that increase the volume and frequency of urine to eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

Because of this property, the oil extract is recommended for patients suffering from swelling due to kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

3. Helps treat spasms and cramps

If you are dealing with respiratory, intestinal or muscular cramps, juniper berry essential oil can help cure your spasm and cramp problems.

Juniper berry oil contains antispasmodic properties that provide instant relief from muscular cramps and also treat spasmodic cholera.

4. Fights arthritis and other ailments

Juniper berry oil promotes blood circulation and effectively removes uric acid and other toxic components from the human body.

Both these properties are helpful in fighting arthritis, and other similar ailments, like renal calculi, gout and rheumatism, as these problems are related to toxin accumulation and blood circulation.

5.  Boosts digestion

Another key benefit of the juniper berry essential oil is that it stimulates enzymes produced by our digestive system and also promotes easy absorption of fats, protein and other essential nutrients.

6. Cures stomach disorders and prevents ulcers

Juniper berry oil helps treat stomach disorders and ulcers. It ensures the proper flow of acids, gastric juices and bile in the stomach to aid digestion.

Juniper oil also allows the passage of bile from the liver into the stomach to avoid prolonged acidity and ulcers formation.

7. Cleanses the liver

Juniper oil has liver cleansing properties that promote a healthy liver. Studies have revealed that juniper oil, when taken as a dietary supplement or by adding a few drops to water or milk, may cleanse your liver naturally.

8. Acts as a natural tonic

Juniper oil acts as a natural tonic for the tissues, muscles, skin and various other internal systems in humans. It maintains overall health and boosts immunity to fight infections.

Side Effects of Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper berry oil is considered safe when taken in the right doses. However, in specific instances, it has a few side effects to watch out for.

  1. Ingredients present in juniper berry oil may affect a woman’s uterus and even cause miscarriage.
  2. Juniper berry oil reduces blood sugar levels drastically in people who have diabetes.
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