Keep Track of Your Migraine With These Apps

There’s no telling as to when a migraine attack can occur and that’s why many doctors ask their patients to keep records of the triggers, frequency and duration of each attack. This information helps the doctors understand individual patterns and prescribe appropriate treatment options.

While many may resort to traditional methods like a diary to note this information, the more tech-savvy individuals could resort to apps designed for this purpose.

Top 10 Migraine Apps

A migraine is a debilitating condition that combines a persistent, throbbing headache, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light, sounds and even smells. Unfortunately, this condition does not spare children either and using an app might make it easier for you and/or your child to track symptoms and report to the doctor regularly.

Here’s a list of the top 10 migraine apps that have been reviewed and rated based on their user-friendly features and efficiency:

1. Headache Diary

Designed for people who have to deal with migraines on a regular basis, this app allows users to enter information like triggers, intensity, the location of the pain and duration. The app also lets users track their medications and notice patterns that show whether the medications are working. The reports from the app can be sent directly to the doctor.

2. iHeadache

An upgrade from its online version, this app was designed by a neurologist and has a special feature that compares user data to criteria information from the International Headache Society’s data to determine the type of headache. This information can help users pick the right mode of treatment. It also develops elaborate reports for doctors to help them recognize the triggers, causes and type of headache.

3. Brainwave Binaural Headache Relief with Ambience

The app is designed to emit two different frequencies to each ear, to mimic brain waves and provide relief from migraines. The app allows users to modify these frequencies and add background sounds like rain, ocean waves and more for a soothing effect.

4. Medzam Headache Migraine Symptoms Checker

This app can help you identify the type of headache you are experiencing and also study your symptoms to tell you if you need to take your medications immediately or not.

5. Curelator Headache and Migraine

Recommended for those who suffer from at least two attacks a month, this app is designed to help users understand their triggers, help analyze the intensity of each trigger and try lifestyle or behavioral changes that might reduce the intensity and frequency of each episode.

6. Migraine Buddy

Designed by neurologists and data scientists, this app allows users to track every symptom, triggers, medications and other treatment methods that have been either successful or unsuccessful.

7. Symple

The app allows users to track five different symptoms like a migraine, vomiting, nausea, etc. Users can then log in data about each symptom that they experience, possible triggers, what offered relief and more.

8. Ouchie

This app is designed for pain management and allows users to post publically about their pain levels, the location of pain, duration, etc., and this information can be shared with other users who may be suffering from a similar condition.

9. Migraine Coach

This app comes with a “Trigger and protector discovery map” that allows users to understand the pattern of their migraine. It also provides recommendations to modify your lifestyle to reduce triggers and the frequency between each attack.

10. Relax Lite

Along with helping users manage their migraines and headaches, this app also offers tips for guided meditation and breathing exercises to help reduce stress.

While a migraine attack can disrupt yours or your loved one’s daily routine, using one of these apps might help you keep track of your symptoms, understand the triggers and discuss with your doctor the best ways to manage a migraine diagnosis.

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