Lemon Oil | Detox and Cleanse Your Skin to Leave It Glowing

What Is Lemon Oil?

Lemon is a popular citrus fruit that is widely used for culinary purposes. The essential oil is obtained from the flowering plant of lemon, scientifically known as Citrus limon, which belongs to the family of Rutaceae.

Lemon plants are native flowering plants of Asia, but many people believe that they originated in European countries in 200 A.D. Lemon oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation.

Lemon Oil | Detox and Cleanse Your Skin to Leave It Glowing

Uses of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil blends well with other essential oils like orange, sandalwood, lime, bergamot, lavender, clary sage and rosemary.

Lemon oil is useful in many ways:

  • In mouthwash or gargle solutions
  • In lotions and creams
  • In bath oil
  • As a body scrub
  • In cleansing oils
  • In oil-based powder cleansers
  • In vaporizers
  • As a massage oil

Benefits of Lemon Oil

The health benefits obtained from lemon oil extracts include the ability to combat obesity or overweight conditions, treatment of skin disorders, reduction of stress, helps with insomnia and healing various other ailments.

Using or applying lemon oil extracts on a regular basis bring the following benefits:

1. Initiates weight loss

Lemon oil can suppress one’s appetite and prevent overeating to help with losing body weight. It boosts metabolism and promotes fat burn to lose weight effectively.

2. Relieves mental stress

Lemon oil fights exhaustion, mental fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, nervous tension and nervousness. It comes with the ability to refresh the mind and promote a more positive mindset.

3. Cures insomnia and other sleeping disorders

Lemon oil contains sedative properties that help with insomnia and sleeping disorders. Applying the oil regularly can regulate sleep patterns and promote a restful night’s sleep.

4. Improves the immune system

Lemon oil comes with a high content of vitamin C that works to improve the immune system. It stimulates white blood corpuscles to boost the ability to fight diseases and assures proper blood circulation in the body.

5. Treats stomach disorders

Lemon oil comes with carminative properties that make the oil act as a natural treatment for various stomach disorders including acidity problems, indigestion and abdominal spasms or cramps.

6. Prevents infections

According to experts, lemon oil extract is effective against various infectious diseases, including typhoid, malaria and fever. Applying lemon oil at the bottom of one’s feet reduces the body temperature and treats a fever naturally.

7. Promotes skin health

Lemon oil acts as an excellent remedy to restore the luster of dull skin. It acts as a detoxifying agent and an astringent to rejuvenate tired-looking or sagging skin. The oil contains antiseptic properties, which help treat skin infections.

8. Repairs hair and scalp

Lemon oil plays a role as an effective hair tonic and is used to get shiny, healthy and strong hair. It also helps to fight dandruff and heals damaged hair.

Side Effects of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has two major side effects:

  1. Application of lemon oil on the skin may increase the risk of sunburn, particularly in people with light-colored or fair skin.
  2. Can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation in individuals with sensitive skin. Hence, it is essential to perform a patch test before using it on a regular basis.

Irrespective of the drawbacks related to allergic reactions or sunburn, lemon oil acts as an effective natural treatment for various problems we face today.

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