Flaxseed Oil: It provides vegetarians with an adequate supply of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. Although it cannot handle heat, it has a wonderful, nutty flavor and can be used as a drizzle on cold dishes like fish, smoothies and salads.

Flaxseeds (Linum usitatissimum) have come under the spotlight recently due to their high content of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.[1,2,3] They are also rich in amino acids—arginine and glutamine—that prevent heart disease and boost immunity.[4,5]

Studies also suggest that flaxseeds can prevent diarrhea and constipation.[6,7,8] A research found that when 10gm to 20gm of flaxseed powder was given to people with type 2 diabetes daily, their fasting blood sugar levels were reduced by 19.7 percent.[9,10]

Lab and animal studies have shown that flaxseeds can suppress the formation of several types of cancers such as breast, colon, skin and lung cancer.[11,12] The fiber present in them can suppress hunger pangs and aid weight loss.[13,14]

Flaxseeds For High Cholesterol
Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood are a well-known risk factor for heart disease. This is particularly true about oxidized LDL-cholesterol.[15]

Clinical studies show that daily consumption of flaxseeds can lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels by nine to 18 percent.[16,17,18,19]

Animal studies support the fact that flaxseeds could lower cholesterol levels and improve the composition of blood fats.[20,21,22,23]

Flaxseeds can safely be had with other cholesterol-lowering medicines. In a study that lasted a year, flaxseeds caused an additional 8.5 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol when compared to those who did not eat flaxseeds.6,7 This cholesterol-lowering effect is attributed to the high fiber and lignan content in flaxseeds.

The lignans and fiber bind with cholesterol-rich bile acids and carry them down the digestive tract. This helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body.6,7

How To Take It

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Armed with a PhD in Alternative Medicine, a graduate degree in Biotechnology, an MSc, and an MBA in Clinical Research and Clinical Pharmacology, Dr Jonathan is a certified practitioner of Alternative Medicine and is actively involved in patient education initiatives. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Outsmart Diabetes. Dr Jonathan loves to share his passion for herbs and other alternative medicinal practices with others through his writing.