So you never rely on over-the-counter medicines and believe in taking the all-natural way to treat pain and sickness? If you’re a herb evangelist and use herbs to treat your everyday health issues, we have a small task for you.

A true herbalist should be able to recognize a herb from its picture and if you’re one (or want to be one), take this quiz to test your knowledge.


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A lifestyle writer & editor for 8 years, Avantika Kukreti is a multi-platform media professional and has worked with some of the biggest media brands of India. She is fascinated by the dynamics of the social media and feels it’s the most-reliable news source in today’s times, if used wisely. Her recent three year stint in Shanghai has made her more health savvy after she watched the Chinese go lengths to maintain their fitness. When not working, she spends time watching Tom and Jerry, & Pocoyo re-runs with her daughter.