Severe Headache: While you might dismiss a jackhammering in your head for a migraine, a ‘thunderclap’ headache could also signal a brain aneurysm (arterial bulges). While a migraine makes you sensitive to light and progresses gradually, this headache comes suddenly and is unbearable. Brain aneurysms, if ruptured, can be fatal, but if diagnosed in time can be completely treated.

A migraine pain is typically characterized by a throbbing sensation. It affects one side of the head, mostly the temple, and may be accompanied with symptoms such as nausea, disturbed vision and an inability to concentrate.

Migraine attacks can be triggered by a number of causes. From mild to severe, a migraine pain can take over your life. The good news is that you can beat the pain with these simple yet effective remedies. Here are some natural ways that will get you relief from a migraine.

1. Lavender Oil
The best part about this oil is that you can use it topically and even inhale it. To inhale lavender oil for relief, add four drops of the oil to three cups of boiling water. You can also apply the oil on your temple and forehead without diluting it.

2. Basil Oil
This oil works as a natural muscle relaxant and is especially helpful if your migraine is triggered by tension or tight muscles. Apply the oil over your forehead and temples and gently massage.

3. Feverfew
This plant contains the chemical, parthenolide, that is extremely effective in warding off migraine. Chew a few leaves of this plant every day to prevent migraine attacks and reduce its intensity. Alternatively, steep it as tea and drink a cup each day.

4. Omega 3
Omega 3 can help fight inflammation, which is often a cause for migraine. Try having flaxseeds, fish oil supplements or eating fish like salmon to get a healthy dose of Omega 3.

5. Ginger
Ginger has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent and reduce migraine pains and nausea. Add it to your tea or chew on a raw piece.

6. Drinking Water
Many migraine pains are triggered by dehydration, even though you may not realize it. If you feel an attack coming, quickly sip on some water. This can help prevent the pain from either beginning or intensifying.

7. Get Cool & Warm
When you experience a migraine attack, your body feels cold while your head feels hot. Use a reverse technique to ease out the pain. Get in a warm bath and apply a cool ice pack on your head at the same time. The ice pack will numb the pain, while the hot bath will ease tense muscles. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to the bath.

8. Turn Off The Lights
Most people suffering migraine pains complain that light makes it worse. Turn off the lights, close the curtains and get in bed. Apply some soothing oil on your temple and forehead and try to sleep.

If you are at home when you experience a migraine attack, use the option that best suits you. Alternatively, buy these oils as roll-on tubes and apply as and when needed.

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