Natural Remedies

There is little scientific evidence to suggest the effectiveness of the herbs, 80 percent of Indians use it.
Arnica gel has been used for hundreds of years to heal injuries and ease pain.
Medicinal herbs can be a good alternative for many diseases and conditions. They are low cost, and tend to have fewer side effects. Moreover, they can be bought in health food shops, pharmacies and on-line without the need for a prescription. Read on to know more and switch to natural healing!
Potassium is not a popular mineral but our health depends on it. Lack of it could be the reason for poor heart health.
Boost the immune system, skin health and prevent cancer with this natural moisturizer.
Each pomegranate comes with heart healthy benefits, antibacterial and anti infammatory properties. What tastier way to get all of those into your system than by having pomegranate juice!
Many of us take for granted our memory’s capacity and our ability to recall information. But as we age, these powers diminish. Brain cells need some encouragement, the following herbs have demonstrated to improve memory.
The tiny pinpoint-sized Chia seeds have a variety of health benefits. They can be helpful in treating conditions as far ranging as osteoporosis constipation, cholesterol, liver problems, and obesity. These seeds are perfect for preventing lifestyle diseases.
Ginseng tea is widely used to boost energy, the immune system, mental alacrity, and help with other health conditions. Widely used in Chinese medicine, the scientific benefits of ginseng tea are now coming to light.
Bitter Melon or Karela is an herb know worldwide for its well-known results in diabetes mellitus.The bitter taste of Karela may not be appetizing enough for many of us. But this vegetable does more good than you can imagine!