Whether you pull a muscle when you run an extra mile during your morning jog, develop a strain in your back while lifting a heavy object or are troubled by the debilitating symptoms of arthritis or fibromyalgia—muscle pain can affect many of us on a daily basis.

A normal response from the immune system to an impending inflammation in the body—muscle pain can also be caused by something as benign as a change in temperature. However, several natural herbs are blessed with pain-relieving properties that can be used effectively to treat everyday aches and pains.

Similarly, essential oils possess strong anti-inflammatory properties which can be harnessed to treat aching muscles. Owing to their highly absorbent nature, these oils get absorbed by the skin quickly and improve blood circulation. Try this DIY recipe using essential oils to treat your sore muscles in minutes.

Directions: Mix 3 drops of roman chamomile, 2 drops of marjoram oil in 1tbsp of a carrier oil of your choice. Stir well to mix properly and massage the affected area gently with a few drops. Do this twice daily to find relief.

A healthy mix of thirty-six different flavonoids, roman chamomile oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which help in combating pain. On the other hand, marjoram widely known as the ‘happiness herb’, is blessed with sedative properties that limit the body’s response to pain and can effectively treat stiffness, muscle spasms and arthritis-associated inflammation.

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