Baking Soda: Mix 2tbsp baking soda and 2tbsp water. In circular motions, gently massage your skin with the concoction for 60 seconds, before washing it with cold water. This mix reduces enlarged pores and helps fight acne.

Canker sores, or aphthous ulcers, can be caused by a number of reasons such as an injury, stress, food allergies and even vitamin deficiencies. These non-contagious sores typically occur under or over the tongue, inside the cheeks or lips, or at the base of the gums. While they are nothing to be worried about, they can cause great discomfort, especially while eating spicy or hot food.

However, one easily available quick fix that can instantly reduce the pain caused by canker sores is baking soda.

Why Is Baking Soda So Effective?
Being a salt, baking soda is alkaline in nature and can re-balance the pH levels in the mouth (which also makes it a popular antacid). The acid present in the mouth often irritates the open sores, causing pain and a tingling sensation.

Not only does baking soda reduce the acidity in the mouth, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the sores. Additionally, it can be useful in preventing further infection in the mouth and improving your overall health by killing bacteria, freshening your breath in the process.

How To Use It

  • Dissolve 2tsp baking soda in two cups of warm water. Swish this mixture around your mouth for 60 seconds and then spit it out.
  • Alternatively, make a paste with ¼tsp baking powder and a little water. Apply it directly on the sore. Though it might hurt for a while, it will relieve the pain in minutes.

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