Bitter Melon or Karela is an herb know worldwide for its well-known results in diabetes mellitus. A wonder of nature, it’s not only beneficial in diabetes mellitus but is also beneficial in many other disorders that have been troubling mankind, commonly grown herb of India. It is generally found in places, which are damp and wet. It is a creeper and it climbs on other trees for supports. Generally, whole plat is used but some people in India use the outer layer of the fruit.

Karela: Sweet Benefits Of Bitter Melon

Karela a magic potion for diseases. Karelas chemical constituents are lectin, charatin and momordicine. It also contains a polypeptide named gurmarin, which is similar to insulin in composition. Exact action is still unknown but it is well established that regular use of Karela has very good results in diseases like diabetes etc

Benefits of Karela

  • Anorexia
    Bitter melon is an appetite stimulant. Hence, it is used in the treatment of anorexia, a disorder in which a person is unable to eat the required amount of food.
  • Blood impurities
    Bitter melon is used as a blood purifier due to its bitter tonic properties. It can heal boils and other blood related problems that show up on the skin. For treatment, a cupful of the juice of the bitter melon must be taken each day in the morning, with a teaspoon of the juice of the citrus lemon in it.
  •  Diabetes Mellitus
    A lot has been written lately about the very beneficial aspects of bitter melon in the treatment of diabetes. As already discussed above, bitter melon has a host of bitter chemicals in which, which are hypoglycemic in action. It also has at least one substance that is like the insulin secreted by the human pancreatic glands. Hence, bitter melon is extremely effective in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  • Diarrhea
    For diarrhea, the juice of a bitter melon is mixed with the juice of the spring onions, both two teaspoons in quantity. This is then added with the juice of a lemon. This juice is given to the patient twice a day. This remedy is also effective in curing the diarrhea that is caused due to cholera.
  • Hangovers
    The juice of the bitter melon is excellent remedy for hangovers. It is also very beneficial in preventing the liver damage that occurs due to excessive alcoholism.
  • Piles
    In case of piles, the fresh juice of bitter melons is prescribed to the patient with positive results. Three teaspoons of juice of the bitter melon leaves is to be extracted each morning, added to a glassful of buttermilk and then consumed on an empty stomach. Carrying on this routine for thirty days will treat piles completely. Even externally, the paste of the leaves of the piles can be applied over the hemorrhoids.
  • Pyorrhea
    Pyorrhea is bleeding from the gums. Including bitter melon in the daily diet or having some of its juice every morning on an empty stomach helps to reduce this problem.

Rich in iron, bitter melon has twice the beta-carotene of broccoli, twice the calcium of spinach, twice the potassium of bananas, and contains vitamins C and B 1 to 3, phosphorus and good dietary fiber. It is believed to be good for the liver and has been proven by western scientists to contain insulin, act as an anti-tumor agent, and inhibit HIV-1 infection

At least three diverse groups of components in bitter melon been have indicated to have hypoglycaemic actions (sugar of the blood that lower) or others of the potential advantage in mellitus of diabetes. These include a mixture of saponins steroidal known as charantin, insulin-like peptides, and the alkaloids. It continues being nonunderstandable that of these is most effective, or if work three together. The multiple controlled clinical studies have confirmed the advantage of the bitter melon for people with diabetes.

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