You may be used to fighting fatigue with espresso shots, sugar candy and energy drinks, but these can often do more harm than good. Here are five natural, adaptogenic herbs that will give you sustained energy and vitality.

1. Ashwagandha
One of the most vital herbs in Ayurvedic healing, ashwagandha works to stabilize the mood and support overall emotional well-being. It improves your endurance to stress and fights fatigue and anxiety. Experts recommend taking 1-2tsp of the shrub extract or a 500mg capsule three times daily to experience its energy-boosting powers.

2. Siberian Ginseng
Another powerful adaptogenic herb, Siberian ginseng, popularly known as eleuthero root, has several energy-boosting properties. It regulates the production of key hormones in the body that are related to stress, endurance and overall energy levels. Siberian ginseng also has analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties. If taken regularly, this herb can also boost your immune system and lessen stress and fatigue. You can enjoy the energy-boosting benefits of Siberian ginseng in the form of a tea, capsules or pills. (Related Article: Ginseng: More Than Just An Energy Drink Ingredient?)

3. Astragalus
An excellent remedy for fatigue, astragalus has a brief history of use in Chinese medicine. It can restore your immune system from stress and trauma and also up your metabolism. Astragalus also has beneficial effects on the heart, liver and kidneys, while also being important as an adjunctive therapy for cancer.

4. Gingko Biloba
With a lifespan of almost 2,500 years, these broad-leaf trees are native to China. Gingko leaves improve the flow of energy at a cellular level by enhancing the production of ATP (energy) by breakdown of food. The ATP in return allows the brain to feel more energetic and alert. So if you’re feeling mentally drained, gingko is the herb for you.

5. Maca Root
A close relative to radish and turnip, maca root is known for its significant iodine content. A 10gm serving of maca contains about 52mg of iodine, making it an effective remedy to treat thyroid abnormalities. This nutrient-dense root contains several vitality-enhancing phytochemicals, which are known to reduce fatigue, enhance energy levels and improve endurance. This root also has the ability to heighten libido and improve semen quality, making it an effective aphrodisiac. Maca smells like butterscotch and can be included in your everyday diet (baked, salad, soups).

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