8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

Finding it hard to control your sweet cravings? Here are a few smart options that can help you combat this problem.


Easily available, raw honey is the ideal sugar substitute, especially for those looking to lose weight. It is rich in antioxidants and can treat insomnia, aid digestion and heal wounds quicker. Add it to warm water, lime juice, tea, salad, desserts, milk or yogurt.


8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

After the sugar is removed from sugar cane, molasses is left behind. Packed with essential minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, it is a medicinal sweetener which improves digestion, purifies the blood, and improves lung health. Add it to warm water, milk or baked foods.

Agave Syrup

8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

This syrup tastes very similar to honey and is also an excellent source of losing weight. Besides that, it helps the body absorb nutrients better, enhances immunity and reduces the risk of cancer. Because it dissolves quickly, it is the preferred choice for cooking. Add it to warm water, cold drinks, baked foods, pancakes or French toast.

Date Sugar

8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

Extracted from dehydrated dates, it is another very potential source of minerals and plays a key role in maintaining blood pressure, improving memory and enhancing immunity. It can also be useful in relieving migraine, sore muscles and asthma. Add it to: Baked foods, toast or yogurt.

Coconut Palm Sugar

8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

It retains many of the nutrients found in coconut palms, including vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. It is widely popular for its energizing and mood-boosting nature. Add it to: Soup, tea, granola or baked foods.


8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

This sweet natural herb is available as a dietary supplement. Low in calories, it comes with a range of advantages such as curing dental problems, high blood pressure, stomachache, acne and skin rashes. Add it to lime juice, tea, coffee or cereal.

Monk Fruit

Named after Buddhist monks who first cultivated it in China, monk fruit (Nectresse) is known for its unique low-calorie sweetness and health-giving powers It can treat obesity and diabetes and also offers anti-cancer benefits. Add it to coffee, tea, fruits or baked foods.

Maple Syrup

8 Natural Sweeteners To Substitute Sugar With

Besides adding flavor to ice creams, pancakes, cookies and toast, it also carries a gamut of healthy rewards such as promoting heart health, boosting immunity and lowering the risk of prostate cancer. Add it to baked foods, pancakes, waffles or ice cream.

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Updated July 20, 2018