Raw Whipped Toothpaste by UGLY by Nature

Oral hygiene is often overlooked, and many people don’t realize that oral health is closely related to general health. A lack of oral hygiene can become a sanctuary for bacteria, where they can freely enter your bloodstream through your gums and wreak havoc.

Worse than that, the commercial brands that are selling toothpaste to help us avoid problems with our oral hygiene can be just as detrimental. For instance, most kinds of toothpaste that are sold on the market right now contain a neurotoxin called fluoride.

Fluoride has been scientifically proven to cause thyroid dysfunction and brain damage with extended use. With grocery, general department, and convenient stores heavily stocked with fluoride-infused toothpaste, it can be quite challenging finding a toothpaste that is good for both your oral and general health.

When we came across UGLY by Nature’s Raw Whipped Toothpaste at the Natural Products Expo West, we were instantly intrigued. Hearing about all the natural ingredients this toothpaste was made with made it compelling enough to try.

UGLY by Nature’s Raw Whipped Toothpaste is made of bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, aloe vera, activated charcoal, and other natural ingredients that work together to help fight cavities while gently cleansing and protecting your teeth.

This natural toothpaste is different from commercial toothpaste as it is free of fluoride, sodium sulfate, and preservatives. It also has no artificial colors or genetically-modified ingredients.

UGLY by Nature’s Raw Whipped Toothpaste is unique in every way as the paste comes in a dark, grey color rather than the typical white or light color tones commercial toothpaste comes in. It doesn’t foam in your mouth,  nor does it leave a minty burning sensation.

Instead, the natural toothpaste gently cleanses your mouth with a variety of flavors, depending on which tube you pick up. We chose to try their delicious wacky watermelon and loved the subtle, yet fruity flavor.

You can shop UGLY by Nature’s Raw Whipped Toothpaste on the brand’s website. The toothpaste comes in 8 flavors and each tube retails for $8.99.

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