Nutmeg Oil | Boost Kidney Health and Treat Symptoms of Indigestion

What Is Nutmeg Oil?

Nutmeg is a popular spice used in cooking. In ancient times, nutmeg oil was used to cure the plague and other infectious diseases. The essential oil obtained from nutmeg has many health benefits and is a popular oil used today.

Nutmeg oil is traditionally used in Ayurveda for treating various ailments. Nutmeg essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the nutmeg fruit through the process of steam distillation.

Uses of Nutmeg Oil

Nutmeg oil blends well with other essential oils like marjoram, mandarin, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, clary sage and sandalwood. When used as a spice in the right dosages, nutmeg oil has a wide range of health benefits.

Nutmeg oil is used in the following ways:

  • In aromatherapy
  • In fragrances and perfumes
  • As a flavoring agent
  • As a spice in cooking dishes
  • In cosmetics
  • As a room freshener
  • In soaps
  • In mouthwash and toothpaste
  • In incense sticks

Benefits of Nutmeg Oil

The health benefits of nutmeg oil can be attributed to the stimulant, antibacterial, sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

The main health benefits of nutmeg oil include:

1. Improves blood circulation

Nutmeg oil is a natural stimulant for the mind and the whole body. The refreshing aroma improves blood circulation and ensures oxygen is transported to all cells in the body. Nutmeg oil is beneficial for those suffering from poor blood circulation.

2. Treats respiratory infections

Nutmeg oil contains expectorant and decongestant properties that help treat respiratory infections. It loosens the mucus and phlegm deposits and expels them out of the respiratory tract.

Nutmeg oil is present in most vapor rubs and cough syrups. It is a useful remedy for a cough, cold, asthma and bronchitis.

3. Relieves menstrual cramps

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps and irregularities. Nutmeg oil contains emmenagogue properties that clear obstructed menses and regulate the menstrual cycle.

It also helps relieve menstrual cycle associated symptoms such as abdominal pain, fatigue, mood swings, hormonal imbalances and depression.

4. Eliminates bad breath

Nutmeg oil has a woody aroma that helps remove bad breath. It contains antiseptic properties that help relieve aching gums and toothaches. Nutmeg oil also prevents oral infections, tooth decay and gum diseases.

5. Improves cognition

Nutmeg oil contains stimulating properties that help eliminate stress and mental exhaustion. It removes negative feelings and induces a positive state of mind.

Nutmeg oil is an excellent remedy to fight depression and anxiety. It also improves memory and enhances concentration.

6. Treats indigestion

Nutmeg oil is stomachic in nature and helps effectively treat stomach disorders such as flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting and indigestion. It eliminates gas from the stomach and relieves stomach aches. Nutmeg oil also boosts the appetite and aids in digestion.

7. Relieves pain

Nutmeg oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that prove very useful in treating joint and muscular pain. Nutmeg oil soothes inflammation in the affected muscles and joints, thereby providing relief from pain.

It is an effective treatment for lumbago, rheumatism and arthritis.

8. Improves kidney health

Nutmeg oil is a popular choice in treating kidney diseases and infections. Nutmeg oil helps dissolve kidney stones and eliminates accumulated uric acid from the body. It is also useful in treating gout and inflammation.

Side Effects of Nutmeg Oil

When taken in the right doses, nutmeg oil is safe to apply topically and consume internally. Overdoses of nutmeg oil can result in irregular heartbeat, nausea, dry mouth and hallucinations.

  1. Pregnant women are advised not to use nutmeg oil as it can stimulate menstrual flow and cause miscarriage.
  2. Breastfeeding women also should not use nutmeg oil as it can cause allergic reactions in newborn babies.
  3. A patch test is recommended to check for sensitivity before using nutmeg oil.
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