If you’re planning to deliver your baby naturally, you’re probably wondering what kind of help you’ll need. There are three types of childbirth professionals who can assist you with a natural childbirth.

Doula: The term “doula” comes from Ancient Greek and means “a woman who serves.” A doula can provide you and your family with information and physical/emotional support before, during, and after labor and delivery. Many different organizations offer certification and training to doulas.

Midwife: A midwife is a trained professional who can help with uncomplicated births. Many midwives are certified nurses or RN’s, and many women’s health care practices now include midwives.

Birth coach: A birth coach can help you plan for and experience natural childbirth. Birth coaches are certified through a range of organizations.

With this many options from which to choose, you’ll have no trouble finding the right labor assistant. Good luck with your birth!

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