Preschool-age children (ages two to four) are adorable little people whose developing personalities are by turns sweet and difficult. Your pediatrician is always your best resource when you have questions about your child’s development. However, our editors have selected some informative articles about preschoolers from our collection for a little background reading.

Play, behavior and child-care

Finding A Great Babysitter

Creating A Green Play Space

Vaccinations For School

Enticing Kids To Play Outside

Teaching Children To Care About The Planet

Preparing Children For A New Baby

Raising A Good Sport

Avoiding The Playdate Tug-Of-War

Dealing With Three-Year-Old Tantrums

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much TV?

Health, hygiene and sleep

Potty Training In Public

Potty Training While Traveling

Making Bath Time Fun

Keeping Children In Their Own Beds At Night

Preventing Ear Infections

Healthy Snacks: Happy Trails Mix

Healthy eating

Eating Healthy Away From Home

Developing Healthy Eating Routines

Tips For Dealing With A Picky Eater

Healthy Lunches

5 Gluten-Free Products For Kids

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