Pregnancy & Babycare

Conceiving, developing and forming of the baby will define how you look and feel.
We talk about the most embarrassing and weird early pregnancy symptoms that no one talks about.
Cold sponging or using a cold compress has been one of the oldest home remedies to lower a high-grade fever. However, do you know how it is effective and what precautions you need to take when using it for your children?
Abdominal supports can help tone those muscles which have undergone excessive stretching during pregnancy. Join us, as women's health expert Dr. Jessica Shepherd tells you about the various abdominal support aids in the market to help shed those baby pounds.
Our skin structure changes from the time we are nine-weeks-old, until the time we are 90. This means that there is a huge difference between the skin structure of your infant and you. To keep your little ones' skin baby soft, it's important to learn about these differences and the ways you can protect your baby's tender skin from dryness, irritants, and other sensitivities on a day-to-day.
If you're a new mom, you might have some questions about abdominal wrapping. What is it? How effective is it? Will an abdominal wrap really help support my tummy (or shrink it for that matter)? You can find the answers to these questions here. Learn about natural weight loss and caring for your midsection after you deliver your baby.
New moms have a lot to decide when it comes to delivering their babies. Whether a natural, vaginal birth is your first choice or you're an epidural advocate all the way, it's important to learn about all the options available to you in the delivery room. After all, birthing a baby rarely goes as planned, so learning about your pain management options like an epidural injection may help you feel more prepared.
Experts recommend light-to-moderate exercise during pregnancy. There are a variety of options that you can choose from—swimming and prenatal yoga to name a few. But if you're looking for an easy, convenient, safe, and cost-free way to stay in shape and boost your mood while pregnant, walking may be your best bet. Walking while pregnant is not only beneficial for you physically, it can also keep stress at bay, which is good for you and your growing baby.
Feeling tired and exhausted all the time when you are pregnant is natural, especially in the first and third trimesters. These natural and practical tips can ease your pregnancy fatigue and help you learn to relax.
You may worry that your babe is not yet old enough for spinal manipulation or that the chiropractor may handle your infant with too much force. Although these are legitimate concerns, growing medical research suggests that chiropractic care may have multiple health benefits—even for very young babies.