Q: What are some good non-plastic (non-toxic) toys for my kids?
A: As parents we’ve all laughed at how our children have found more fun with the big cardboard box a toy came in than the toy itself. Some of the very best toys are the ones that are simple and can become anything a child’s imagination can dream up. Toys that do too much already – sounds, lights, buttons – not only cut off any opportunity for creative thinking but are usually made of plastic, require batteries, and are not sustainable. The toys my kids go back to again and again are simple – wooden or foam blocks for building; crayons, colored pencils, paper, and scissors for drawing and cutting; natural dough and clay; and all things natural – sand, dirt, water, and rocks! Take a child to the beach or park and just watch how the simplest things become their “toys”. You can even collect these objects and create a “nature table” for observation, play, and learning indoors.

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