Before you start trying, it is essential for you to ensure that your body is prepared to carry the baby. Being healthy before is as important as being healthy when you are pregnant. Preconception care might be useful in screening out conditions such as diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure. It also helps you reduce any risk or complications during pregnancy. Here are five things you must do before you start trying.

1. Schedule That Checkup
Take an appointment with your gynecologist and chalk out a plan. List out the various tests and checkups that you need to get done to have a problem-free pregnancy. Your doctor might also screen you for conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, hemoglobin count and more. Most women are also not aware of their pregnancy in the first few weeks. An appointment with the doctor might confirm that. (Also Read: 10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy)

2. Eating Right
While you may think it’s still too early to start worrying about the food you eat, remember that your body requires a steady amount of nutrients to get energy to replace the worn-out tissues and help your baby develop inside you. Your nutritionist or doctor may also chart out your dietary reference intake and give a diet plan that suits you. (Also read: 8 Foods To Help You Get Pregnant)

3. Managing Your Weight
Being overweight or underweight before or during pregnancy can cause various complications. Obesity can lead to  gestational diabetes, preterm birth, high blood pressure, preeclampsia and birth defects like neural tube defects or larger-than-normal baby. Being underweight can result in the baby being born with a low birth weight, which might cause a number of health and behavioral problems. It also increases the risk of a preterm birth. Consult your doctor on what’s the right weight for you and chalk out a plan to reach that goal. Here are some dietary guidelines that you must follow to lose weight.

4. Folic Acid & Supplements
The majority of your nutrients should be from the food you eat. However, as your doctor might tell you, folic acid and other supplements will give the required dose of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Besides that, many supplements can cause nausea during pregnancy. Taking your prenatal tablets beforehand will help your body adjust to them.

5. Adopting A Healthy Lifestyle
According to research, tobacco can affect fertility and smoking can lead to some serious complications such as premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight and even still birth. Make healthier lifestyle choices to prevent any damage your habits may cause to your unborn baby. In case you find it difficult to cut down or stop, ask your doctor for help.

Taking care of your health before you start trying to conceive will ensure that you have a smooth pregnancy and make you fit to take care of your baby when it actually arrives.

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