One of the most controversial topics related to pregnancy is whether or not it is safe to drink wine when you’re expecting. While alcohol is a strict no-no when you are trying to conceive or are pregnant, when it comes to drinking wine, there seem to be many contradicting reports.

According to Baby Center, all public health officials in the US recommend you entirely avoid alcohol, even wine, when you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Depending on where you are, some doctors may say it’s okay to have an occasional glass (or two), while others may restrict it completely. According to Jacques Moritz, MD, director of gynecology at New York’s St Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, there is no specific amount of alcohol that has been proven to be safe.

Some women do seem to enjoy a glass of wine during pregnancy and still have normal and healthy babies. But it is important to remember that all pregnancies are unique. While some women digest alcohol more easily, others may be at risk because their bodies take longer to do so. This means that the alcohol will circulate in the body for a longer time, putting the baby at a greater risk.

Effects Of Alcohol On Your Baby
What are the reasons that make drinking wine not preferable while you are pregnant? Here are some effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

  • Having as little as one drink a week can increase the chances of your baby having aggressive or delinquent behavior in later years.
  • Alcohol can increase the risk of suffering a miscarriage or having a stillbirth.
  • Alcohol can travel through your blood stream, cross the placenta and reach your baby. Your baby digests alcohol much more slowly than your body does. This means that your baby’s blood will have a much higher level of alcohol than you do.
  • Drinking results in the extreme case of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or FAS, a condition used to describe the many health problems that your baby can get due to alcohol exposure before birth. These are lifelong issues that happen as a result of poor growth inside the womb, after birth or in both situations. It also leads to abnormal facial features and damage to the baby’s central nervous system.
  • Babies who are afflicted with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome may have abnormally small heads and brains. They can also have spinal and heart defects or other anatomical defects. Health and developmental issues include delay in physical development, delay or disability in the intellectual capacity, vision and hearing disabilities, and other behavioral issues.

With opinion being divided, doctors recommend you stay off all kinds of alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Wine may seem a safe choice in certain situations, but it is always better to avoid it.

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