Every new mother faces the potential struggle of losing her pregnancy-induced weight after the baby is out. Many moms wish to jump back to their “normal” bodies overnight. While some women have an easy time bouncing back to their pre-pregnancy bodies, others struggle and need a bit of support.

It’s important to remember that every new mother is different—physiologically and also genetically. Some moms must work really, really hard to lose that pregnancy body. While the internet is flooded with exercise and diet regimens to help new mommies, an old practice used for centuries can be of great help, not just to tone your expanded abdominal area, but also to rejuvenate your entire system.

In a previous article, we explained everything about abdominal binding or wrapping post-pregnancy. Abdominal supports can help tone those muscles which have undergone excessive stretching during pregnancy. It is also a great way to heal and support your uterus if you have had a delivery via C-section.

Abdominal Binding: Which One Works Best for You?

Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a nationally recognized OB/GYN and women’s health expert, has prepared a list of the three types of abdominal wraps available on the market today to help you decide which one might work best for you:

  • Abdominal Wraps: Typically wrapped around your midsection, between the rib cage and the upper pelvis, these are comfortable and stretchable. They come in different forms. Some have multiple arms and need to be secured into place. Others are designed as a single-piece garment that can be wrapped around your body and secured with hooks.
  • Pelvic Supports: Mainly used to support the lower abdomen and groin region, these bands easily envelop the pelvis area to give the necessary compression to your hips. Mamas who experience lower back or hip pain during and after pregnancy may especially benefit from pelvic supports.
  • Compression Garments: Don’t confuse them with regular shapewear or body definition garments, because they are not. Specifically created with GRAS medical-grade fabric, these garments come in various styles. For added comfort, find a compression garment that will support your trunk and pelvic floor.

These are some of the products Dr. Shepard recommends for new moms in need of some tummy control:

  • Wink C-Section Recovery Binder (a medical-grade girdle)
  • Gabriella Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder (a sturdy binder that follows your body’s natural curves)
  • Bellefit Medical Grade Corset (padded for extra comfort)
  • Belly Bandit is the most popular brand, but can be rather expensive

All you new mamas out there, take note: Dr. Shepherd advises that “If you decide to use any of these products, do talk to your OB/GYN and get some clarity on how long and when you could use them.” Your doctor may have specific recommendations on the type of binding you should use as well, depending on your body type and method of delivery.

Congratulations on delivering your new bundle of joy! Motherhood offers ten thousand firsts, so keep in mind that struggling with extra belly fat at this time may just be another first that you must experience along your journey. So be humble and patient, and don’t forget to ask your doctor about supporting your swollen tummy with the age-old practice of abdominal binding.

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