travel with baby

You’ve most likely traveled without hassles while you were pregnant. Now that the little one is in your arms, you may be wondering if it is a good idea to carry your baby on that trip and that would work out.

Worry not, for you can have a super-easy travel time, while ensuring your baby is comfortable and safe. Good planning is all it takes.

Planning that travel
Traveling with your infant or young baby can be a difficult experience, but there are certain things you can do to make it easier for your baby to adjust to the travel and the new environment.

  • Get that diaper bag: This is one of the first things you need when you are even thinking of traveling with your baby. A baby diaper bag will help you keep all of your baby’s things in one place instead of keeping it in a common bag where you need to dig in and search. Buy one that comes with separate compartments, has separate bottle holders (possibly the kinds that will help keep milk warm); a separate area for keeping a soiled diaper in case you can’t throw it away immediately and also has closed pockets to keep tiny things that may otherwise fall out.
  • Checklist for the diaper bag: You may feel you remember it all but it is very likely that you will forget something or the other (there are so many things to take when you are traveling with a baby!). Make a checklist and ask your partner to pitch in his points too so that between the two of you, you don’t forget anything. Here are some of the essentials you definitely need to add to the list – baby wipes, diapers (keep them a little extra, you never know if baby will feel like some extra poopy during travel), baby blanket (especially if you are going by flight), some old newspapers (to wrap the soiled diapers), baby change mat, 1 or 2 pairs of baby’s clothes, baby handkerchiefs, a baby towel, baby rattles or favorite toy or book, pacifier, feeding cloak (if baby is still on your feed), extra bottle, extra nipples, baby bibs, baby cap, baby booties or socks in case your baby wants to walk around in the aisle, baby shoes, baby food (you can either prepare it at home and carry or get the ready to eat baby food packages, though these do contain preservatives and are not recommended), baby milk powder or formula.
  • Baby medicines: It is essential to carry your baby’s medicines so make sure you take baby for a wellness checkup before you leave. Inform the doctor about your travel plans and where you are going and ask for any safe medicines that you can carry which can be given if need be. Do carry baby’s medical file in case you need to take baby to a doctor while you are on vacation.
  • Baby foods you can carry: Depending on your baby’s age and what your baby has started eating, you can carry foods that are non-messy and easy to feed. Remember to not carry anything new, as you don’t want baby to get uncomfortable with a new food. Taking foods that you know your baby likes is always a good bet. Try carrying food items like carrot sticks, bananas, baby biscuits, cheese slices, toasted bread with homemade applesauce or some healthy spread, sweet potatoes or boiled vegetables.
  • For travel by air: If you are going in a flight you need to inform the staff in advance that you are traveling with an infant or young baby. It is always a good idea to do this at the time of booking itself. Ask for a seat with extra leg room and preferably closer to the washroom. Make sure you feed your baby on breast feed or bottle at the time of takeoff and landing to avoid any ear pain.
  • Know the weather: Before you start packing, call up the hotel (in case you are going for a vacation) or anyone you are staying with, to know about the weather and temperature. This will help you carry the right kind of clothes for your baby. Always keep a few warm clothes to ensure your baby is snug in case there is a temperature drop.