Top Wellness Tips To Keep You Healthy All Summer Long

Summer is approaching and while we’re outside enjoying the warmer weather, sunlight, and time with our families, we might not realize how our health is being affected by spending our days in the sun.

Remaining healthy is something that should always be on our minds, but even if it’s not, try remembering these few simple tips in order to have a safe and healthy summer.

Top 5 Tips to Help Keep You Healthy During the Summer Heat

Whether you’re snorkeling or going on an exhilarating skydiving trip, it’s always important to know these 5 simple tips to help get the most out of your summer:

1. Protect Yourself Against the Sun

When most of us think about summer, we envision ourselves spending hours on end basking in the sunlight during those sunny days. Although vitamin D is good for our skin, too much sun exposure can lead to sunburns and can result in skin cancer over time.

Apply your favorite sunscreen and natural lip balm with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and always wear sunglasses with a UV rating of 50 or higher.

2. Eat Fresh and Organic Foods

There is a direct correlation between the foods we consume and our health, and one of the best things about summer is the access to all the fresh and organic fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Utilize this time to focus on eating plates filled with fresh foods like tomatoes, which contain lycopene, a natural compound that can protect our skin from sunburn. Veggies like fresh corn contain antioxidants that are good for protecting our eyes, while watermelons keep us hydrated.

 3. Try Your Best to Stay Cool

Avoiding a heat-related illness should be a priority, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend your days inside. Drink plenty of water and know the warning signs of heat stroke and exhaustion. Balance your time in the sun with time in the shade.

4. Protect Yourself from Poisonous Plants and Pesky Bugs

Whether you’re camping, gardening, hiking or participating in other outdoor activities, make sure you take the necessary precautions to prevent potential illness. Poisonous plants like Poison Oak and Ivy or annoying insects like ticks and mosquitoes can ruin your adventures in nature.

You can decrease these risks by wearing long-sleeved, protective clothing as well as lotions, sprays, and creams that repel bugs and protect against poisonous plants.

5. Exercise and Try Your Best to Stay in Shape

We tend to be more aware of what we eat and how frequently we workout during the summer because we want to look our best in our swimsuits and shorts. This makes summer the perfect time to start healthy habits that can last all year long.

Start cutting back on processed foods with additives that aren’t good for you anyway and substitute them with whole grains. Avoid ranch and switch to a hearty vinaigrette this summer. Exercise during the early morning or late afternoons to prevent your body from overheating.

Quick FAQ

How do you beat the summer heat?

You can beat the summer heat by drinking a lot of water, wearing loose-fitting and light-colored clothes, wearing sunscreen protection, and trying your best to stay in the shade.
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