Top 3 Cell Phone Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Way of Living

Given that we’re constantly busy with our jam-packed schedules, we don’t really have the time to think about our health because we’re too busy trying to make sure we have enough time to enjoy ourselves. Focusing on your diet, exercise, mental health, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep might seem like a full-time job in addition to the full-time job we already have.

Good thing for us is, we’re living in the 21st century, where information is readily and easily accessible at the tip of our fingertips. Technology is always advancing and now there are apps for everything. Even apps that are useful for keeping you on track with your diet, making sure you speak to your doctor and apps to making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Check out a couple of these apps and download your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle

Best Cell Phone Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Way of Living

We all know that sleep plays a vital role in our health. If we don’t get an adequate amount of sleep every night, our body will have a hard time replenishing the energy it lost throughout the day and will have trouble balancing hormones and regulating our blood sugar levels, along with many other problems that stem from lack of sleep. Sleep Cycle monitors your quality of sleep as well as heart rate. It also wakes you up during the time where you’re sleeping the lightest leaving you well-rested and reenergized.

You can download it here.


Best Cell Phone Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Way of Living

Did you know that stress is one of the leading causes of death in America? With all the stressors in our life, it’s a good thing we have the Happify app to focus on our mental health. This app helps users overcome stress and negative thoughts while helping them make better life decisions.

Download this app here for the great price of $0.


Top 3 Cell Phone Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Way of Living

All of us have fallen guilty of turning to Google for a diagnosis when we feel a sudden ache or pain, well instead of relying on cyber bots to answer your concerns, ask your question to a database of real-life doctors by using the HealthTap app. This app allows patients to find out about their health by connecting them with a real physician to help answer any health-related concerns and it also offers a messaging feature, so you can get responses as soon as possible. The doctors on this app give real and sufficient advice that’ll help you feel better as soon as possible without scheduling a trip to the doctor’s office.

You can download this app here for free.

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