Top Summer Skin Care Tips

Having officially entered the summer months, most of us are in for some hot, humid, or dry days, depending on the part of the world we live in. Not only do environmental conditions have their impact on our overall health, they can affect our skin too and that is why it is essential to find a skin care routine to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy.

Our Top Skincare Tips for Summer

  • Cool off with a shower:

    A cool shower, especially after being exposed to the sun and excessive sweating, can be beneficial for the skin. It will help keep the skin clean and clear.

  • Exfoliate regularly:

    Use a scrub on dry skin, before your shower, for best results. Use it on your whole body, while focusing on knees and elbows. Also, make sure you use a rich cream soon after drying off.

  • Include melons in your diet:

    Melons, especially cantaloupes, are rich in antioxidants and can be very hydrating for the skin.

  • Don’t forget your legs:

    Exfoliate your legs regularly for silky smooth summer legs.

  • Lips need some love too:

    Use sunscreen enriched lip balms with SPF 15 or more for nourished lips.

  • Use face mists:

    Pick your favorite face mists, with natural ingredients like aloe vera or lavender oil and keep them handy if you are going to be out in the sun for long hours.

  • Wear a hat:

    Wide-brimmed hats are your best friends for the summer. They can protect your face and hair from the harsh sun.

  • Care for your scalp:

    It is recommended to use a sunscreen spray along the parting in your hair, to protect your scalp.

  • Look out for sunspots:

    A common issue that people face during the summer are dark spots or sunspots that appear on the face. It is key to use dark spot correctors or overnight peels that can lighten their appearance.

  • Care for your hands:

    Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to avoid wrinkling and pigmentation of the delicate skin on your hands.

  • Eye care:

    The skin around the eyes are fragile and need to be taken care of well, especially during the summer. Protect your eyes with sunglasses, creams, and cooling masks like cucumbers.

  • Feed the skin:

    Experts recommend applying fresh strawberries on your face; the juices can help brighten the skin. Poke a strawberry with a fork to loosen it up and rub it in little circles all over your face. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash off with cool water.

  • Recover from sunburn:

    Ingredients like plain yogurt and aloe vera gel are known to have soothing properties. Apply these multiple times a day to soothe sunburnt skin.

  • Edible SPF:

    Studies show that foods rich in vitamin C and E could reduce the chances of getting a sunburn. So load up on berries, citrus, and nuts for a perfect SPF-laden lunch.

With these tips in your skin care repertoire, you should be ready to head out to the beach for a fun summer day!


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