A substance (synthetic or natural) which can provoke menstruation is known as an emmenagogue. Herbal emmenagogues have been used traditionally to promote menstrual flow. Some women may use these herbs to induce menstruation in order to prevent a period from coinciding with a special day or occasion. Emmenagogue herbs can also be used to terminate a pregnancy in its earliest stages. When used for this purpose, it is referred to as an abortifacient. One must however note that not all emmenagogues will result in an abortion.

Many women suffer from delayed period or oligomenorrhea (light, infrequent menstruation). Emmenagogue herbs can be especially beneficial for these women. Herbs that can induce an early period are as below:

Certain foods are also known to induce menstruation. These include papaya, pomegranate and vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits, kiwis, broccoli, bell peppers etc.

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