Popping oral contraceptives is one of the most common ways to prevent a pregnancy. But did you realize it could prevent you from getting pregnant in an entirely different way?

Women who pop the pill are more at risk of experiencing sexual dysfunction. It could result in reduced interest in sex and may cause arousal problems as well. There are certain oral contraceptives that will bring down the intensity of your sexual desires and pleasures. The extent to which the oral contraceptive will affect your libido depends on your body’s chemistry and the hormonal formulations in the pill that you are taking.

How Do I Know Which Oral Contraceptives Will Affect My Sexual Desire?
Certain oral contraceptives will cause fewer side effects than regular birth control pills, which can lead to weight gain, acne, breakouts, headaches and mood swings. But these pills have a higher chance of affecting your sexual desire.

While selecting an oral contraceptive, check whether it has high androgenic levels. Such pills have higher chances of causing side effects, but may have a smaller effect on your sexual desire. On the other hand, an oral contraceptive pill with a lower androgenic potency may have fewer side effects, but will affect your sexual desire more, bringing down your sex life.

Research is underway to find ways to reduce the risk of low sex drive after taking an oral contraceptive pill. Speak to your doctor if it is causing too much disturbance in your intimate life.