Get Intimate This Valentine's Day With These 7 Yoga Poses

Are you wondering how yoga can improve your sex life? Not only is yoga a great stress reliever, but certain postures can tone your body, improve blood circulation and ram up your physical energy, all of which work for a hot sex life.

So if you want to rev things up in the sack this Valentine’s Day, start with these¬†seven yoga poses.

1Baddha Konasana, Or Bound Angle Pose

Practice this pose regularly to keep your reproductive organs healthy. The bound angle pose heats up the groin area and also opens the pelvis region for a range of movements and motions. So, get steamy with new positions!

2Setu Bandhasana, Or Bridge Pose

This upward lift stretches your hip and pelvic region and works particularly well to tone vagina and improve orgasms. The bridge pose also eases tension and calms the mind.

3Bidalasana, Or Cat Pose

A great pose to strengthen your kegel muscles, the cat pose works to control the tailbone. Strong and healthy kegel muscles mean more controlled and better orgasms. You may want to consider the cat/cow sequence stretch for better results.

4Adho Mukha Shvanasana, Or Downward Facing Dog

A great pre-sex pose, the downward dog warms up the body and can fine tune your libido. It invigorates the body, calms the mind and eases tension. With your butt in the air, it can only get sexier if you are doing it with your partner.

5Garudasna, Or Eagle Pose

Standing on one leg and wrapping the other one around it, the eagle pose improves circulation to the cervical area, making it more pleasurably sensitive.

6Viparita Karani Pose, Or Shoulder Stand

Beat gravity at its own game by flipping upside down with the shoulder stand. This pose mainly focuses on circulation in the pelvic area, increasing blood flow to the hips and brain. It also relieves fatigue and anxiety and calms the mind, thus promoting a happy sex life.

7Upavistha Konasana, Or Wide-Legged Straddle Pose

The ultimate groin and pelvic stretch, this pose amps up the blood flow to your private parts and allows your mojo to move you. It also improves your libido, thus aiding arousal.