There is no stopping James Lawrence a.k.a. Iron Cowboy, when it comes to endurance challenges. Most of us train for a marathon or an obstacle course race, but Iron Cowboy does not take it a few steps further but a leap. These are the top 10 things you ought to know about James Cowboy that makes him push the envelope of endurance.

1) He attempts to complete 50 ultradistance triathlons in each of the 50 states.

2) In 2012, he completed 30 ultradistance triathlons and in 2011, he completed 20.

3) He earned the name The Iron Cowboy for running the marathon in a patterned cowboy hat.

4) He has two spots in the Guinness Book of World Records for triathlon:
– The most long-course races in a year (22 in 30 weeks in 2010).
– The most ultra-distance triathlons in a year (30 in 2012).

5) James Lawrence completed 22 Ironman 70.3 or the Half Ironman between 27 March and 13 November 2010.

6) One of the hardest and most rewarding race was when he was a guide for a boy who suffered from cerebral palsy. They completed the race even as the boy was attached to a boat, cycle or chair.

7) Interestingly, James Lawrence wanted to be a professional golfer in his 20s. (Quite a turn of events!)

8) His daily fitness diet includes four meals and 10 snacks, which sums up to 8,000 calories.

9) His daily fitness routine includes swimming, cycling and running.

10) Before taking on triathlon, his athletic background was wrestling.

Dare to take on James Lawrence’s ultradistance triathlon?

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