Unhealthy eating habits are being sighted as a major risk factor that leads to new-age lifestyle diseases. Here are some dietary changes you should be making.

Sit-Down Meal
We tend to pace ourselves better when we eat sitting down. Make informed choices with the portion of food on your plate and the size of spoon you eat with (smaller is better). Chew your food properly, don’t eat in a hurry, and keep all distractions at bay—this means no watching TV or reading books while you eat.

Grocery Shopping
Skip the junk food aisle altogether; instead, head over to the organic and natural foods section. Fruits make for great snacking options, while green vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. Buy whole grains instead of white bread products, and opt for oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat breads. Lastly, healthy protein options like nuts and seeds, fresh turkey or chicken breast, and eggs and legumes will all help in muscle build-up.

Ditch The Soda & Mixers
Water helps regulate your digestive system, gives you better skin, keeps you hydrated and alert, and has benefits aplenty. If you find yourself reaching out for soda, iced tea, packaged juices and the likes, try a flavored seltzer instead. Adding mint leaves, lime wedges, honey or berries for some extra punch in your H2O is healthier and every bit as exciting.

balanced diet


Color Chart
A great way to have a balanced diet is to make sure you have at least five different colors of food through the day. Different colors are indicative of varied nutrients—eat the green of kale, red of carrots, blue of blueberries, blush of beetroot and purple of eggplant, all in one day.

Dump Or Refrigerate The Excess
Re-purposing food is economical and is largely practiced around the world, where leftovers are refrigerated or frozen for later use. What you don’t know is that bacteria can begin to grow on these foods within two hours, causing serious illnesses in some cases. It is better, albeit tedious, to cook smaller portions than to reuse leftovers if you want to remain healthy.

Yes, it is not as simple as giving up burgers and fries, or even just going green or vegan. If you want to boost your immunity, stay healthy or lose weight, you are going to have to go the extra mile.

Source: IANS