adidas original and pharrell williams supershell shoes

Yes, we’re happy, because Pharrell Williams seriously knows how to set the mood. The singer has roped in four renowned artists from across the world to use the @AdidasOriginals #Superstar sneakers as a canvas, and produce distinct masterpieces for the upcoming Supershell collection.

From the celebrated architect Zaha Hadid and contemporary artist Todd James, to photographer and director Cass Bird, and the Japanese contemporary artist Mr (yes, that’s his name!), they’ve all contributed to the latest Adidas and Williams collaboration.

Adidas Originals has attempted add an additional layer to the concept: “Each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment allowing the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, forming yet another opportunity for creative expression by the wearer themselves.”

As much as we’re loving the stripes and strokes of the sneakers, in terms of a smart buy for a fitness enthusiast, these score pretty well. Apart from the artistic shell-toe, the latest Supershell collection has reflexology-inspired indents on the insole. The cupsole is fashioned out of herringbone-pattern rubber for a better grip while you’re on the move.

To be served up at $100 a pair starting August 7th, you can pre-book the limited edition if some fancy sneaks are what you’re after this season.

Here’s looking at Pharrell Williams, who talks about his latest collection with extreme excitement.

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