4 Fitness Trackers We Love

There is a plethora of fitness-related apps scattered across the digital markets but, the one making headlines is the UP app by California-based Jawbone.

Its biggest claim to fame is that UP is the industry’s most flexible fitness tracker. It can help you sleep better by monitoring your day’s activities and food consumption in order to tell you how many hours of nap time you need.

Jawbone has also programmed the app to work as a fitness coach or workout buddy that keeps you motivated day after day. It helps you keep tab on your food and calorie intake to bring the whole ‘fit and healthy’ idea full circle.

As is with most fitness trackers, you can sync Up with multiple fitness apps like ‘Nest’, ‘Runkeeper’, and the likes for a personalized experience. So while some of the functions sound kind of familiar, it might be worth checking out the ‘most flexible fitness tracker’ in the market, no?

Source: ANI