Brian Mueller, a developer from Pennsylvania, has designed a new ‘talking’ smartphone app that shames people into counting calories and losing weight through hideous full screen ads and tweets.

The CARROT Hunger translates what you have eaten into calories, and then tells how much you would have to walk to burn off that food. It also enables users to scan bar codes to determine the food’s nutritional value.

What’s more, the app uses an iBeacon transmitter by Apple to determine location or context through your smartphone. It sounds off an alarm, an insult to be precise, when it detects the user is eating more than their goal.

According to Mueller, the CARROT Hunger is also capable of doling out punishments to those who falter from their plan. From bribe requests, and hideous full screen ads to tweets that will shame you in front of all your social media pals, this app means business, of the nasty kind.

With all the furor against fat shaming on social media, we think the app might be counter-productive. Could you bear the insult?

Source: ANI