Tracking activity has never been this stylish! After all, when a piece of jewelry can track your sleep, alert you when your anxiety levels are high, notify you when you need to increase or decrease your activity, and wake you up each morning, what more can you ask for, right?

Enter the Bellabeat Leaf. You can choose to wear it as a clip, necklace or bracelet, and the device adjusts itself to track your activity level, sleep quality, stress level, and even ovulation; all while it looks oh, so pretty! Besides, when a device is being marketed as a fitness wearable “you’ll actually want to wear”, the appearance aspect must inevitably come into play.

The gadget is fashioned out of 100% American wood, and it’s nature-inspired leaf motif has an aesthetic appeal that lends itself well to women’s jewelry. In fact, if exclusivity is what you’re after, the Bellabeat Leaf is also served up in a premium gold edition, complete with exotic wood and gold-plating for some pizzazz.

Functionally, the two-week memory, six month battery life, and wireless sync (to the Leaf smartphone app) will serve you well and provide you a seamless experience.

Slated to be available from 15th June, the Leaf will retail at $250 for the limited edition, and $129 for the original. You can pre-order the smart wearable jewelry at

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