Yes, fitness age is a real thing, and no it’s not the same as your biological or chronological age. In your 20s, you may joke about having the lung capacity and stamina of a 40-year-old, but wouldn’t it freak you out if researchers told you that it was indeed true? Not so funny now, is it?

The reason you’re out of breath and panting uncontrollably after climbing a flight of stairs is because your fitness age is a lot older than your chronological age.

And it works both ways. We know how seriously intimidated we are by the many internet images of Grandmothers rocking bikini bodies (Ernestine Shepherd, anyone?). They claim to feel 20 years younger. Could this, in fact, be true?


Well, according to a new study led by Dr Pamela Peeke of the University of Maryland and Dr Ulrik Wisloff of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, older athletes have a fitness age that’s younger than their chronological age.

The reason is simple—exercise! Like you can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine how much weight you need to lose, the researchers have developed a calculator that allows them to determine a person’s fitness age.

According to Peeke, it’s all about feeding the machine very straightforward data. “We ask you questions: your age, height, weight, how much you work out, your waist size, heart rate, blood pressure, and it goes on. Then you press a button, you find out what your actual fitness age is.”

Clearly with our hectic lifestyles, vices, and poor dietary choices we’re not getting any younger;  so, now do you feel motivated to start working out more seriously?

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