Smoke Break is riding the charts, but this country lass does not believe in taking a break. Even with all those shows lined-up, Carrie Underwood’s all about partner workouts to stay motivated. This time, however, her husband has been replaced by another exercise buddy.

“Sometimes you have to work your baby into your workout…but that’s ok because the world is your playground! #MonkeyBars #WorkoutAnywhere @caliabycarrie #StayThePath”, she posted.

Her Instagram update makes for the perfect example of the stroller workout, one of which made it to the list of The Coolest Mommy-Baby Workout Programs In America.

As always, someone who is committed remains undeterred and soldiers on, making the most of their surroundings through improvisation. Case in point, Carrie taking to the monkey bars for a variation of pull-ups that work the upper body, arms and abs, too.

It’s not unusual for a new mommy to put off losing weight for fear and guilt of leaving the baby alone. Mila Kunis, too, works out with her baby and it is as simple as taking the baby in a stroller out for walks in the neighborhood.

Find whatever works for you, whether it is Pilates, yoga, swim class—there’s a world of options out there, where classes are specifically designed to incorporate your child into the exercise, help you bond with your kid, and meet other parents for support. Or, you could just go at it on your own, like Carrie.

As she gets done, Underwood seals the deal by following her body rejuvenation with some respite for her skin as well. Taking to the sheet mask, a favorite among celebrities, we’re totally feeling inspired to follow Carrie’s footsteps, starting Monday.

A little mask and relax on the bus…feels good.

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