We are looking at a future without tangled wire webs, as connected fitness trackers become the most popular in the segment. Research firm Parks Associates estimates that the $2 billion industry will cross the $5.4 billion mark by 2019.

Harry Wang, Director of Health & Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates says, “The most popular devices are exercise equipment with built-in app support and digital pedometers with wireless connectivity.”

This trend also suggests that there is a growing demand for fitness trackers to monitor various health aspects, beyond the realm of exercise. Users are interested in information on diet and workout plans that cater to their specific needs. They are also looking for a means to stay healthy when they are on the move. This is exactly why connected, wireless fitness trackers are doing so well; they provide a seamless experience.

Though there’s a lot of scope for improvement in the functionality of the devices, companies are promoting their use through corporate discounts. Wang told FierceMobileHealthcare, “I see two major challenges ahead. One is to get the broader consumer segments involved in using devices, particularly among those with high health risks but strong resistance to behavior changes. The second revolves around data use from these devices and whether it can provide the intelligence to people so they can experience the positive outcome, which in turn motivates them to stay on goals.”

With advanced technological developments in the sector, we’re excited to see what the competitive market might have to offer in the years to come.

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