The Beauty Benefits Of Consuming Dark Chocolate have for long been documented, and, researchers have even developed a new Anti-Aging Chocolate To Reduce Signs Of Aging. The latest to join this sweet endeavor are scientists who are now urging you to eat chocolate in order to lose weight, but here’s the catch:

Johannes Bohannon, research director at Institute of Diet and Health says that when chocolates are consumed with a low-carb diet, they serve as a winning recipe for weight loss.

The Study
The researchers divided the volunteers into three groups based on diet—normal, low-carb, and low-carb with chocolate. Those who followed the latter lost 10 percent more weight, than those who followed a strict low-carb or normal diet.

The key is to eat chocolate that is 81 percent pure cocoa, so basically, having about 42g dark chocolate each day is ideal. The researchers suggest that the best way to apply this study is to go on a low-carb diet, satisfy your chocolate cravings, and most importantly, get off the computer and exercise.

All we heard was, “satisfy your chocolate cravings”, you?

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