Joy to the world, because the superhero with a sense of humor is here; well, at least in a 3-minute trailer cut. Listen up Deadpool fans, this clip here signals the start of a series of shorts that will lead to the big screen reveal on 12 Feb, 2016.

Needless to say, Ryan Reynolds has come a long way from his frat-boy role in Van Wilder. While we’ve seen him all bulked up and sexy in Blade:Trinity and Green Lantern before, this one was pretty much about maintenance and endurance workouts to pull off some cool stunts as he mouthed those legendary catchphrases.

It’s not the first time Reynolds was seen in the role. Remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine?I’ve been a fan of Deadpool all my life, so I was gonna murder someone if it wasn’t me [who played him].” He recalls, “He was a last-minute addition to Wolverine, so I had to gain muscle quickly. I was eating, like, live children as they passed in order to bulk up.”

Now that the much-awaited spin-off is here, Reynolds turned to functional workouts rather than training for aesthetic (because hey, his physique makes for a stunning vision, as is!). “Most of it is self-preservation. You want to still be able to get up after take 50 of falling off some ledge and landing on cement,” he says.

While we’ll keeping rolling out those workout and diet secrets, here’s the first look that you shouldn’t miss, of his fitness routine, and that one helluva trailer:

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